Revealing my stock portfolio – is in Blood RED (2022)

my stock portfolio

I thought to do a status check on one of my financial goals for 2022. I shared in my 2022 goals that I will share my portfolio value with actual numbers at the end of this year if I achieve my financial goal. Since we are halfway this year, let me share my stock portfolio in this post.

If you’re new to investing, just get to know about “why you need to invest?“ and “where to park your first investment“ – check these two post later, it can be helpful for your personal finance journey.

Let’s get started.


My asset allocation

Before starting let me throw some insights about my entire portfolio. The stock portfolio which I am going to share is 46% of my total net worth as of now and 16% is in Mutual funds, 27% is in my PF account and the remaining 11% is in Gold, REITs & Cryptos (I am using crypto for just speculation and it is less than 5%, means the money which I can afford to lose is invested in it).


Green or Red 

My entire stock portfolio is at a loss of -8.9% from my invested amount. But Nifty has fallen 16.7% from its 52-week high . Nifty is at -16.7% and my portfolio is at -8.9% so I can say that my portfolio is performing well when compared to Nifty index.


My stock portfolio moto is to beat Nifty in the long run and its drawdown should be less than Nifty’s drawdown (means if Nifty falls by 10% my portfolio fall should be <10%). If the market falls my portfolio is also going to fall, I have no control over it, but I can minimize my downfall by choosing the low volatility stocks and their exposure accordingly.


Goal Status?

When I was writing my 2022 goals, I said to consider my corpus value as X and my goal was to make it 3X. Currently, I have made it to 2X.

With this speed, I hope I can achieve my financial goal (3X) for this year effortlessly. So, I can share with you all the actual numbers. Now I am just goanna share the percentage of each stock in my stock portfolio and the losses I am sitting on.

Warning: When you get a chance to view others’ stock portfolios don’t try to use those stocks in yours because their percentage of holding and entry price or value or time will be different. So, when you try to replicate them, it will be of no use. The same applies now to my portfolio.

Let’s look at my stock percentages.

my stock portfolio
Current portfolio%



My stock-picking strategy is simpler, and it should be low volatility stocks in the Nifty 100 and the stocks should have low or zero debts (there will be an exclusion on 1 or 2 stocks like Tata Motors). That’s it – a no-brainer.

Why Nifty100?

We are normal people and not high net-worth individuals (HNI) or anchor investors (QIB). We don’t get information about a mid and small cap company as easily as HNI and QIB get. So, try to choose stocks within Nifty100 as these are large-cap stocks (bluest of blue chip) or if you want to be in more safer side choose stocks within Nifty50 instead of N100.

In simple, just know what the heck you’re buying.


Have I stopped my investment now?

A big NO!  I haven’t stopped. I am investing as usual. The company which I chose is debt-free and they’re part of Nifty100 and the chances for these companies to default is much less. So, why do I have to worry about the short-term market swings.

Also, the fundamentals of these companies are good then why I must fear .

Why should we not stop until its low point?

If you’re in the thought of bottom fishing – waiting for the market to reach its bottom and start your investing after that, you should not . You can’t predict the bottom of the market; you’re not here for that, you’re here to make money.

Keep your investment going as usual and don’t do bottom fishing .

To people whose portfolio is in RED

When you look at Sensex returns over a 15-year period there were no negative returns. If you’re a long-term investor, then you no need to worry about your portfolio now whether it is +Ve or -Ve.

Keep investing, as usual, every month irrespective of market sentiments. One day your portfolio will be a skyscraper.


My Advice

I would like to share a point here from the book “Psychology of money”. Our short-term failure in our investments (bear market) should not affect our financial situation. Play safely by investing the amount which you can afford to lose ( the money which you don’t need for 5 years) so we can keep on running for a long time until the odds are in our favor (Bull Market).

My advice to you when your portfolio is RED  “This too shall pass” – keep this in mind and invest regardless of market fluctuations so you can harvest your fruit once it is ripened .… and keep in mind that “This too shall pass” will also be applicable when your portfolio is in GREEN (book profits, don’t be too greedy).

We don't have to be smarter than the rest. We have to be more disciplined than the rest. - Warren Buffett


Nobody can predict the market, not even Warren Buffett, that’s the greatest advantage you have here.

Use it wisely by investing in it whatever happens.

Stay Invested,
Peranesh xx

This week favorite

Accept the compliment you receive

  • Getting a compliment is a gift, when someone compliments you don’t deny that you’re not suitable for it.
  • Accept it and show your gratitude towards them. And then you take and evaluate whether it suits you or not.

Action Item: Hereafter, when someone gives you a compliment, instead of thinking its true or not – just reply “Thank you, it makes my day to hear that.”

Source: Simon Sinek interview in Diary of CEO: video link

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