My New Year Goals of 2022

This post is about my realistic goals for 2022, I hope this will be useful for the readers when setting up their goals and achieving them. Also, I am going to post at the end of this year whether I have completed these goals or not.

Happy New Year – 2022! And let’s start,

Goal 1. Read at least 12 Books

I want to start with the small one first, that’s why “Book reading”. I was thinking about this for the last few months but in the last two years, I have completed only 6 books which are not satisfactory progress ( including paperback, pdf, and audiobooks). I feel like I am not good at reading books consistently so I have added this to my 2022 goals.

How I am going to do? I am going to order books on amazon – I just had a thought that I’ll be serious if I am spending money on it, as PDF and Audible are not working for me personally. And, I have set a goal of one book per month starting with “The Alchemist” for the month of January. So, a total of twelve books for this year. Let’s see at the end of the year whether I have completed it or not.

Goal 2. Financial Goals

I have separated financial goals into two parts,

  • Create an Emergency Corpus:
    I need to create an emergency corpus for me which I haven’t started yet. And the emergency corpus is very much important for all people. It should be the first thing in financial planning before starting any investments, but I have done everything in reverse, I am trying to correct my mistakes in 2022 at least.
    • Usually, in many financial blogs, we can find that one should save an emergency corpus of 3 months expenses at least. In my mind, I feel like I want an emergency corpus for 12 months or at least 6 months of expenses. But my goal for this year is realistic as I said it’s 3months of expenses as emergency corpus, next year I can expand emergency corpus value to 6 months or 1 year as I must do other investments for this year as well which is in the second part of my financial goal.
  • Increase my portfolio value:

    In the second part of my financial goal, is about increasing my retirement portfolio corpus. Considering my Portfolio value is X now, where I am investing from March 2019 in Mutual Funds but I am aggressive from March 2021 both in direct equity and mutual funds (caught the bull run lately) and I want to increase that value to 3X (not a big number as my portfolio is still very young) by the end of this year with the below asset allocation and I am going to stick to this asset allocation till my age 30 which is ideal for my risk appetite.

    Equity (Direct Equity & MFs) : 60%
    Fixed Income (PPF, EPF/VPF & Debt MF) : 30%
    Cypto : 5%
    Gold : 5%

    In the year-end post of 2022, whether I achieved my goals or not, I try to disclose how much my portfolio corpus is. (In actual numbers)


Goal 3. Reach to 50 Videos

The third one can be conveyed noticeably short in this, but this is going to be the hardest one for me, regarding my YT channel like books I am not consistent enough in my channel. I’m in the thought of achieving fifty videos by this year-end with stronger content as well as more creativity in my editing style.

Why YouTube? I am a great fan of YT and more than an entertainment medium I am learning a lot of things from there. So, I like to be a part of the YT family by creating more useful content.


Goal 4. To get Six-pack abs

I have been doing fitness since my college final year 2017. I got some results at that time and now I am in 2022, 5 years got over I am still in the same phase no considerable progress was made after that.

I am not out of shape or eating junk all the time. I am still consistent, going to the gym regularly, taking supplements properly but must be serious enough once again on all aspects to get that decently visible six-pack ab, along with I’ve to gain more lean muscle mass, also must focus on my weaker body parts like shoulder, triceps, and calf muscles. And I must drink more water hereafter where I am lagging in that as well.

This is just a fitness goal, let’s see how it goes. Wish me luck!


Goal 5. No Blue-screen

The last one is which I have been trying for the last one year and I am good at it, and I want to continue that this year without taking any breaks i.e. No electronic gadgets 1 hr. before going to bed and not using 1 hr. in the morning after waking up.

Why am I posting my goals in public? I have shared with you all now, it’s not like keeping it with you and nobody knows whether you achieved it or not. Hereafter I will be more conscious when giving up on my goals, I hope I’ll not and, I must share the results whether I have achieved or not at the year-end post. For that even I will try to complete them .

Have your own goals like this and be accountable to someone (it’s you in my case) like I did here in this post and bang your goals into pieces.

Thanks and wish you a very happy new year 2022, have a great year.


Until next time,
Peranesh xx


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