The Art of Active Listening: Empathizing without Imposing

Yesterday, I was talking with my friends in my favorite tea shop. For an hour or two, we had our coffee, tea, or snacks and were talking about cinema, politics, and our next-week trip to a hill station. One thing I noticed about myself throughout those two hours was that, rather than just listening to […]

A way to reset your brain: DOPAMINE DETOX

Dopamine detox

I am a huge fan of Mr. Money Mustache‘s blog, but he rarely posts nowadays, I got two valuable suggestions from his recent posts about “Lessons from the Badass Muscular Neurobiologist.” First, to know about this man, Andrew Huberman, who is a neuroscientist and tenured professor in the Department of Neurobiology at the Stanford University […]

Stop consuming and start creating


We spend a lot of time on social media day in and day out. We are doom scrolling on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and other platforms, and there is no end in sight. We all knew this already. I already shared why social media is addictive and convincing ways to get rid of it and I […]

REWILD your interests and attention in social media


Social media is a loop. We all know that, and yet we rely on it. The suggestions that you get on all your social media handles are liked by you once, and the AI (artificial intelligence) and algorithms flood your feeds with the same type of content to keep you hooked on their platform. This […]

How does a fund’s EXPENSE RATIO affect returns?

how to calculate EXPENSE RATIO of a fund

Any product you buy comes with a price tag; mutual funds are no different. All the personal finance gurus say to stick to index funds instead of active funds and choose a direct plan instead of a regular plan in mutual fund investing. The reason for that is that the expense ratio of an index […]

7 HABITS I regret not starting it sooner


I was a deadbeat, good-for-nothing, and a worthless couch potato back in my college days. In college, nothing much happened to me, or I didn’t make any effort to make anything happen…  The biggest regret in my entire life is wasting four years of my prime time attending a college that adds no value to […]

The problem with perfectionism


My alarm rings in the morning at 5 a.m., I get up, brush my teeth, go to the gym between 05:30 and 06:30, get ready for the day, and my day goes as planned. This is my typical routine. If I’m tired one day, and instead of waking up at 5 a.m., I wake up […]

I tried waking up at 5 AM for 90 days

waking up

Do you wake up after 8’o clock in the morning or even after 11? If yes, then this post is more for you… I was also a nightcrawler once in college and in the initial stages of my career and now I have completely changed into a morning person. I have been waking up at […]

Are you changing your NICHE every year?


If you’re also a person who changes your niche every few months. Then welcome to the club! First, what a niche is. Niche is your area of interest where you’re really good at and maybe in the future if you want, there is a good chance you can generate revenue from it… With respect to […]

5 Convincing ways to limit your social media usage

soical media

I hope nowadays you don’t have time to spend on things which you like, or you can’t find spare time to do the one-time things like visiting your bank branch for a query or repairing your bike which you’re in the thought of doing for the last couple of months. Why can’t you find time […]