I tried waking up at 5 AM for 90 days

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Do you wake up after 8’o clock in the morning or even after 11? If yes, then this post is more for you…

I was also a nightcrawler once in college and in the initial stages of my career and now I have completely changed into a morning person.

I have been waking up at 5 AM in the morning for the last 90 days and trust me it’s a game changer. I can manage my office hours and I’m spending more time on myself each day.

I’ll share with you the secrets of it.

Let’s deep dive into it.

Why do you have to wake up early?

You’re waking up early to work on yourself, not to binge on Netflix or do the things that you normally do at your leisure.

So, keep it productive and you can have all the fun in the late evening.

Waking up early makes you feel you’re winning your race…

Everybody out there is sleeping, but you’re up and grinding for your future self. It gives you so much confidence. Hope this video helps watch now.

What to do after waking up?

  • After waking up you’ve got to feel energized instead of depleted, so there’ll be one habit that drives all your routines in schedule, find that one. If it’s not done right your entire day will collapse.

    For me, it is physical activity between 0530 and 0630, either home workout or walking or hitting the gym. Once I’m done with this, my entire day will go very well, my entire daily schedule will be on track.

    So, find your kick-start habit and make it done first every day. It can be reading books for an hour, cooking meals for the day, writing affirmations on your personal journal, making your bed, etc.

  • Complete your hardest task as soon as possible, if you procrastinate there are more chances you won’t do it until the end of the day.

    For me, the hardest task of my entire day is the physical activity that will be my first task to complete after waking up. If I miss this in the morning, after my office hours I’ll be drained and I’ll not have the willpower to do it.

    Once I’m done with the hardest task of my day, I’ll be able to do all the remaining tasks without any effort.

  • During the morning, your mind will be fresh and empty without any thoughts, so you’ve got to give priority to the creative and concentrated deep work instead of anything on your to-do lists or checking office emails or scrolling with your social media apps.

    Speaking of social media check out this later how to reduce your social media usage.

    I used to spend most of my mornings reading books and writing (just flexing my creative muscles for you ). The post which you’re reading now was also written at 7’o clock in the morning.

Sleep Cycle

  • You’ve decided to wake up early today, but you can’t wake up at 5 in the morning continuously because of your old sleep cycle.

    Try waking up even a few minutes earlier (let’s say 30 mins) than you usually do and make it incremental each week. In 3 to 4 weeks time you’ll be able to wake up at 5 AM.

  • If you want to wake up early every day, then you must sleep early every day.
    I used to go to bed between 8 and 9 in rare cases, it’ll be 10’o clock and I make sure to have a minimum of 7 hours of sleep.

    Don’t change your sleep schedule often, stick to it even on weekends.

  • Keep your room dark when you’re sleeping. Darkness helps in more melatonin secretion (sleep hormone) which helps in deep sleep.

    Light reduces melatonin production and signals your body to be awake.

  • Don’t keep your phone with you when you go to sleep. Keep your phone in the room next to your bedroom.

    It can help you in two ways, the first is that you are protected from mobile blue lights that will disrupt your sleep, and the second is that if the alarm rings, you must wake up and move to a nearby room to turn it off. (Tada! You’re up)

  • Stack a habit before going to sleep, that habit should act as a trigger to sleep. Like how we have a habit of brushing after waking up.

    In the book “Atomic Habits” author James Clear termed it “habit stacking”.

    I used to read books for 30 minutes in bed instead of scrolling through social media… The book-reading habit triggers me to sleep after a few pages.


Just don’t read it as a blog post which you usually do, reading without practise is useless.

I know being a night owl is fun, but I would say try being an early bird at least for 2-3 weeks and then take the call. You won’t regret it; you’ll thank me later.

If it works for me, it will work for you too. So, try to execute it and let me know (on the about page) if it helped, I’ll be glad to know that.

So, what are you waiting for? turn your alarms to five’o clock . See you next time.

Until then,
Peranesh xx 


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