Are you changing your NICHE every year?


If you’re also a person who changes your niche every few months. Then welcome to the club!

First, what a niche is. Niche is your area of interest where you’re really good at and maybe in the future if you want, there is a good chance you can generate revenue from it… With respect to a proper side hustle.

I started this blog to share DIY things I learned on self-development, productivity, fitness, books, finance, the list goes on. But without my knowledge, it diverted to a specific niche “personal finance” (look at my last 10 posts, it’ll be all the finance kinds of stuff).

When I first started, I was pulled towards “the fitness” niche, and I was posting about it. And then now I’m more on to “personal finance”, I don’t know when I will stop this one and jump to the other.

We all start to choose a niche when it excites us. You feel like, “I didn’t know about this thing these many years” and you dive into it from that point, and you learn as much as you want.

And the con is you’ll follow these things until the excitement goes down, after that you switch to another one. This post will be about why we’re changing our niche, is it good or bad?

Let’s get started.

Why are you changing your niche sooner?

I’ve separated into three sets of people,

  1. One is you are not “niche down enough”. When you do not niche down enough, you feel like, “I’m looking into the things which I know already” and you quit there in terms of no more learning here in this niche. Then you start to search for a new one.

    If you think you’re in this category, you’re just at the tip of the iceberg, you must dive deep into the niche and then decide if it’s working for you or not.

  2. Second, you’re the kind of person who can’t work on the same thing for the long term and the same applies to your niche. I go with this.

  3. The last one is simple, actually that’s not your niche.

I’m going to talk to the second set of people alone. This post will not be useful people who go on with the other two categories (1 & 3).


Is Changing niche often wrong?

There are people who have stuck to a niche for more than 10+ years. Sometimes I wondered how they can do that.

E.g.: MKBHD for tech-focused videos since 2008 and Freefincal Pattabiraman on personal finance blog since 2012. (Just a fan moment in mentioning freefincal – still not known to many).

After looking at these kinds of niche-related content creators, you might conclude that you’re not good at anything, nothing works for you, and you haven’t found your niche yet.

That’s wrong, let me clear you up with my instance as an example.

Usually, I don’t like to work on a thing for an extended period or I can say I get bored sooner than a normal person. This is what happened in all my chosen niches before. When my niche was “fitness”, I was learning, implementing it, helping my friends, and making content about it.

When I was still making satisfactory progress in fitness I was at a point where I was losing little interest in it. At that time one of freefincal videos on retirement calculation interested me in finance. And from there I got pulled into the “personal finance” niche, and I started to work on the things I needed in personal finance and I am still doing it, don’t know when I’ll stop and jump to the other one.

This doesn’t mean I’m not going to stop on “fitness” or whatever I’ve learned is not useful. I go to the gym every morning and still I’m sure I know more about fitness than the person working next to me in the gym… at least to the minimum choosing my own diet and workouts without anyone’s help. But the priority is different, giving more to finance than fitness.

If I try to be in a niche with less interest in it and I’m trying to make content out of it. After a point, my excitement goes down and I’ll be drained. After that, I’ll feel like “I’m working on another 9 to 5 job or I’m doing something I do not like to do”.

I want to share this with you, if you’ve found your exact niche. It’s good that you found one but don’t take your niche full time… Let it be passive, if you take it full time there is more chance, you’re going to quit on that soon. Full-time on a niche won’t drive you for a longer distance.

What have I decided?

Just go with the flow… Going to choose whatever interests me on my way as my niche until I settle on one thing (which won’t happen I guess).

I don’t want my blog to be a niche-driven site… It’s like I’m writing the posts for someone (more views) than for my happiness of writing.

This is also a reason for writing this post, here on I don’t want my blog to be in a particular niche.

And this post is the start of it, I’m going to keep it in a mix of all.



If you’re a person like me… It’s perfectly all right that you don’t have a niche… You have the luxury to choose all the things you see in the world as your niche.


Be in search of your niche,
Peranesh xx 

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I got the spark for writing this post from one of his lessons from the video “move towards things that energies rather than drain”.

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