Heya, I’m Peranesh

📌 I’m an IT professional 💻 and I live in Tamil Nadu.

📌 I love to think and talk about productivity 🧑‍🔧, personal finance 🤑, fitness 💪 – you can expect the same in my blog and a little about me.

📌 All things which I share here will be a kind of “DIY” stuff 🧑‍🔧, hope anything on here is useful.


Other stuff

👉🏻I read books – mostly self-help & finance related and sometimes fiction 🔖.

👉🏻Since 2021 March, I am actively investing in the Indian stock market 📈.

👉🏻And now I have a new role, part-time blogger ✍️.

peranesh about

🍻 Get in touch!

💬Just send me a message (Telegram) and I’m excited to have a conversation with you.

📨 If it is a longer thing please drop an e-mail, you’ll get a reply.

📡 Our DIY community in discord to share the stuff which is useful for us like productivity, fitness, personal finance, and books and it can be in any form – videos, podcasts, or blogs.

Peranesh S M